R©sum©s can tell only so much.
What if we attached an interview to each r©sum©?

With ZenInterview you get to hear your candidates before you shortlist them. Now you have the power to make a more informed decision.

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goluckyinvitations.comes packed with lots of powerful features. And using it is a little difficult than having a cake.

5-min Interview Creation

5 minutes is all it takes to get started with creating your first interview. We have everything ready. All you need to do is fire away.

Automated Interview Scheduling

Leave all scheduling hassles to us. We schedule, conduct and deliver your results. And we can schedule hundreds of interviews in parallel.

Collaborative Evaluation

Interviews are accessible to everyone. Decisions are taken collaboratively. Interviews are not lost in the confines of a room; they keep adding up.

Know what all is possible with ZenInterview

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Key benefits for you

Eliminate misfits quickl

Listen to your applicants and decide within minutes whether you want to call them for a face-to-face interview.

Test for basic competencies before shortlisting

You can test for communication skills, quick thinking, presentability, analytical skills before you have a face-to-face interview.

Improve the quality of hires

When you start with a better pool of applicants it is only natural that you will end with a better pool too.

See the Zen in action

We could say a thousand words or show you a picture. But nothing works better than experiencing the product yourself.

That's why we invite you to give a sample interview and see for yourself how good ZenInterview is. You see, you decide!

Try it out now!

Check out how a real interview sounds like. We have provided two sample interviews for you to listen to and make up your mind.

We also have provision for you to give an interview yourself and find out what your applicants will experience while using ZenInterview.

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